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Treelink Stirling’s Spring Gathering


The Spring Gathering, held earlier in the month,  was a great success. Professor Alistair Jump, TreeLink Chair, opening the gathering saying “I’m delighted that we can all be together to learn of the great achievements made by Treelink Stirling volunteers over the past two years, to share ideas and celebrate success.”   

Vice-Chair Max Hislop added "It was really great to meet so many people with enthusiasm for trees. They gave us some very interesting ideas.... Lots for us to build on in the future"

The forty plus people discussed TreeLink’s present and future work of growing, planting and caring for trees.  They heard about, and contributed views on, TreeLink projects such as the dispersed tree nursery.  

The dispersed tree nursery project connects volunteer gardeners who grow trees from seed and cuttings in their own spaces across Stirling Council area. TreeLink has  developed a tree nursery in Breahead Community Garden where seedlings are grown on before being given to community planting schemes. Over one thousand were passed to community groups and Stirling Council over the past winter. 

TreeLink also works in woodland, currently working with Stirling Council Greenspace Rangers to support the managing the woodland at Abbey Craig near the Wallace Monument. 

The very successful Free Trees for Babies project was also celebrated. To encourage tree planting in gardens TreeLink will give a free tree to plant in your garden to mark your baby’s birth.  It is still open to applications on the TreeLink Website  Free Trees for Babies | TreeLink Stirling

The morning finished with a guided tree walk led by Professor Jump.   The walk illustrated how important mature trees are for giving us our sense of place and making our towns and cities so remarkable to live in.  TreeLink member Allan Parlane commented "A great morning. Very infectious enthusiasm from the all the presenters. A cause that must be supported.  The guided walk around the woods on The Back Walk also identified an untold story of regeneration following the demise of the castle as a royal residence."

Treelink was delighted to see so many people at the gathering, including Tessa Carroll of the Cambuskenneth Community Council's Nature and Environment Group.  Next week TreeLink is supporting the group to plant trees along the Forth.  Tessa said “Many thanks for a very interesting and enjoyable morning. Great to learn more about what Treelink Stirling does and we look forward to working with you”.  Leigh Biaggi from On The Verge added  "Treelink combines a professional, proactive approach with a passion for Stirlingshire’s natural environment, and has achieved an impressive amount in such a short space of time.” 

Trees Planted in Stirling Nursery 

Scots pine and hazel trees were planted on Thursday (2 March) in the grounds of Cornton Nursery at the ceremony led by Rev. Hamish Wishart who was joined by specialists from Treelink Stirling and a group of children who attend Cornton Nursery.

Read the full story here: Cornton Nursery

National Press Coverage for Free Trees for Babies Project

TreeLink's Free Trees for Babies project has attracted coverage from one of Scotland's major press outlets. The Daily Record reports: 

More than 100 new trees will be sprouting up across the Stirling area - all with a special connection to local children. TreeLink Stirling, with generous support from local firm Vivisol Home Care, distributed the trees free on Saturday. To read the release please click here.

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