TreeLink Street Trees Working Group

TreeLink would like to see more trees in our streets and public spaces, and would like to see those that we already have are well cared for. 

Street Trees clean the air, provide a home to urban insects and birds and make our communities more attractive.  Neighbourhoods with trees encourage outdoor exercise and improve a sense of well-being.  There is more information about the many benefits of street trees here.

Trees in public places are largely the responsibility of the Council.  Planting and maintaining street trees is expensive and local government resources have been dwindling.  The TreeLink Street Tree Working Group has made contact with Stirling Council to find ways to work together to plant and care for street trees. 


Raploch Road, Stirling 


City Centre, Stirling 

The Working Group has undertaken some work mapping existing trees and identifying sites where trees might be planted. 


If you would like to know more please email the group via or get in touch via the 'contact' tab on this website. 

You can also visit the Woodland Trust Street Trees Project by clicking  Here.