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TreeLink grows, plants and cares for trees and woodlands and speaks up for trees in Stirling Council area. 


Over 100 Free Trees for Babies Distributed

TreeLink Stirling, with generous support from local firm Vivisol Home Care, distributed over a hundred free tree on Saturday 25th February.  Staff from Vivisol worked alongside TreeLink volunteers to distribute the trees.


The trees were given to families to mark the birth of their child.  Each tree came with a certificate signed by TreeLink chairperson, Professor Alistair Jump.   The planting pack contained instructions and everything needed, except a spade.  


The trees included James Grieve apples, a traditional Scottish variety, bird cherry, silver birch and rowan.  All were chosen as suitable for growing in gardens and because they are both attractive and beneficial to wildlife.   Pat Morrissey, trustee and volunteer on the day said “Trees provide crucial habitat for wildlife. Aphids on their leaves provide food for young birds in spring and berries to fatten adult birds to survive the rigours of winter. Their trunks provide roosting sites for bats and owls, their branches nesting sites for red squirrels, whilst their roots are homes for small mammals.”    


Max Hislop, the volunteer organiser of the Free Trees For Babies added “Trees make people happy and are an important part of human culture. They connect people to nature and the changing seasons. Trees provide a sense of place and important landmarks. In many ways people are emotionally connected to trees, they get fulfilment from nurturing them and even mourn their loss.”


The project is open for applications for the next distribution, which will take place during next winter.

We have a gallery of photos from the project that we are adding to over time 

Treelink Stirling’s Spring Gathering

Coffee, Cakes and Connections

Over 40 participants joined TreeLink for our first Spring Gathering on 4th Feb 2023.

The programme was introduced by Professor Al Jump, TreeLink's Chair.


Presentations on three of our main projects were delivered by Max Hislop (Street Trees) Ann White (Woodland Management) and Nigel Cole (TreeLink Nursery)

After coffee and cakes, many folk joined Al Jump for a tree walk along Back Walk. 

You can read more about the Spring Gathering here: Spring Gathering

Free Trees for Babies

Supported by:

We are now taking registrations for 2024 - please click on the button below for details.

To encourage tree planting in gardens and promote the many benefits that trees bring we’ll give you a free tree to plant in your garden to mark your baby’s birth. You can also apply if you want to celebrate an adoption or commemorate a lost baby.

TreeLink is happy to acknowledge a grant for £500 from the Artemis Charitable Foundation. 

Each year, Artemis gives a proportion of revenues to the Artemis Charitable Foundation. Established in 2007, it manages their charitable activities and  involvement in the wider world. Staff and the trustees choose which charities will benefit.

The foundation supports ‘core’ charities in the UK and internationally in the areas of health, poverty, education and the environment and also makes donations to global disasters and emergencies when they occur.

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