The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago.

The second best time is now......

River Forth at Riverside, Stirling.

Welcome to the TreeLink website.

Who we are:

TreeLink Stirling is a community-based organisation launched in November 2020 with a volunteer board, registered charity number SC050794.  

What we do:

TreeLink promotes public interest in trees to increase the number of well managed trees and woodlands across the Stirling Council area.

Why we do it:

We are in the midst of an ecological and climate emergency. Trees are of fundamental importance to individuals, communities and our environment and are essential for a healthy and sustainable planet. They are a vital part of our biodiversity. Trees capture and store carbon dioxide from the air, improve air and water quality and can help manage flood risk.

How We Do It

TreeLink has 5 strands to its activity:


Speaking up for trees and woodlands by encouraging Stirling Council and other public bodies to implement best policy and practice for trees and woodlands.


Growing trees by organising a network of individuals and organisations that grow trees from seeds and cuttings. The trees will be made available to local projects for appropriate planting opportunities.


Planting Trees by providing information and signposting to advice to community groups undertaking tree and woodland projects.


Maintaining trees and woodlands by supporting TreeLink volunteers and other community groups groups to access, share and maintain trees and woodland.


Linking people with trees and woodland by connecting with the people of the Stirling area to build a network of advocates for their local trees and woodland. 

If you would like to be kept in touch with developments please email us on:



Wester Loch of Daldorn, Stirlingshire.