Seeds and Saplings at Braehead

Local people are collecting acorns and other tree seeds to grow saplings for TreeLink's dispersed community tree nursery. Volunteers grow trees from seeds in their gardens. TreeLink grows them on at its nursery hub in Braehead Community Garden and  they are then used in local community tree planting projects. 

Not all tree seeds are as easy to collect and plant as acorns and conkers.  Some require a bit of preparation before planting.  However, at a recent hands-on workshop, TreeLink’s Nigel Cole emphasised, “Anyone and everyone can grow trees.  You don't have to be an expert, you don't have to be a keen gardener. Just follow a few guidelines for the best results.”   

Nigel had collected hawthorn, rowan, blackthorn and oak for the workshop. People enjoyed getting their hands into the fruits and berries to extract seed for planting.   Max Hislop, one of the workshop participants commented “I have been a professional forester for many years, but have never had the time to enjoy growing trees from scratch like this.  It is much more satisfying than buying bundles of commercially produced saplings.  I will be joining the network of volunteer growers supplying the TreeLink Nursery”  Ann White added, "It was good fun collecting and processing the seed. It would make a great family activity. And we should produce lots of little trees for the nursery for next year."

If you would like to become a tree nursery volunteer, growing trees in your own garden, contact TreeLink through its website at or email   

Magic Little Grant

TreeLink is very pleased to announce that we have received a Magic Little Grant of £500 through the partnership between Localgiving and People’s Postcode Trust. The grant will be spent on rabbit-proof fencing for the tree nursery at Braehead Community Gardens, where, unfortunately, rabbits have been nibbling our saplings.  We are also creating some new beds at the nursery so that we can accommodate more saplings grown by our volunteers.
 People’s Postcode Trust is a grant-giving charity funded by players of People’s Postcode Lottery.
Localgiving is the UK’s leading membership and support network for local charities and community groups.
You can find out more about Local Giving here: