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Schools and Groups

Looking for trees?
If you are looking for support in adding some trees to your playground or local green spaces TreeLink may be able to help.  We have a tree nursery situated in Braehead Community Garden where we grow trees and The Conservation Volunteers offer great advice on planting, seed collection and nurturing. The organisations below can also help.

Crown of Trees Events
There are over twenty schools and nurseries along the Crown of Trees and there may be events in the future suitable for your group. If you would like to be kept informed please let us know.  

Climate Ambassadors
To support any person looking to become a Climate Ambassador we would encourage them to complete a volunteer request form and become a TreeLink volunteer
*.  This will give them access to the events that suit them and TreeLink would then support any paperwork requirements for the achievement. *The volunteer age is 16 and above without an adult

Guest Speakers/ Curriculum Support
If your group is looking for guest speakers or curriculum support regarding trees and their benefits there are a number of fantastic organisations that may be able to help.  You can find a handy list below.

Helpful Organisations

The Conservation Volunteers

The Conservation Volunteers provide a wealth of information on their website about trees and planting. They can provide free trees too through its ‘I Dig Trees’ programme and they can help plant the trees.  Tree planting season is usually November to March. 


Learning Through Landscapes

Learning Through Landscapes is a UK based charity that supports schools to make the most of their outdoor spaces for learning and play. Currently they are working a project entitled ‘ Climate Ready School Grounds’. There is also nature grant that can be applied for and they also have training opportunities


Tree For Cities

Trees for Cities have a Trees for Schools Strategy 2022-2025. For more information you can contact:  The more contacts from Stirlingshire the greater the possibility they will come here and support our collective goal.

Forth Climate Forest

Forth Climate Forrest are encouraging planting trees in school grounds among other projects locally and are a great source of information and support.

Forth Environment Link

Forth Environment Link is a local charity that can help support projects and are experts in sustainability.  TreeLink have also received support and funding to further our Crown of Trees project.

Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust has a wealth of information.  They give out free tree packs and provide Green Tree Schools Award and have lots of planting advice.

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