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A Crown of Trees
for the historic city of Stirling

At our Autumn Gathering on the 28th October 2023 we unveiled TreeLink's ambition to draw on its existing projects in growing, planting and caring for trees in a new project bringing these together to realise a 'Crown of Trees' around the city of Stirling.   This would create a 36km walking route connecting important woodlands such as Abbey Craig, Balquhidderock Wood, Gillies Hill and Craigforth  with important historical locations like the sites of the battles of Bannockburn (1314) and Stirling Bridge (1297).

The Concept

CoT concept map.png

Most of the route is served by existing footpaths and is well wooded, but we are keen to work with landowners and local communities to fill the gaps and manage the woods.

Alyn Smith, MP for Stirling was at the Autumn Gathering where the Crown of Trees idea was unveiled.  He commented "What a fantastic vision for Stirling!  This is not just a vision for Stirling, but a series of scalable, deliverable community projects which will make a real difference." 

We are delighted to get the opportunity to present our ideas and speak to groups and organisations that would like further information or want to get involved.  Please get in touch.

The Route

CoT route map.png

We think the Crown of Trees could become a significant destination for local people and visitors to Stirling alike, as well as a tangible focus for climate change action.   Councillor Jen Preston, Convener of the Stirling Council Environment, Transport and Net Zero Committee added “I was delighted to meet the passionate and committed volunteers who make up Treelink Stirling. Trees make communities better places to live as well as being a crucial part of Stirling’s response to the climate emergency, and I look forward to learning more about these exciting plans.”

TreeLink is already in discussion with some land managers where tree planting or woodland management activities will be an important contribution to the Crown of Trees, for example at Stirling County Rugby Club. We are also pleased to acknowledge the first grant towards the development of the Crown of Trees from Climate Seed Funding provided by the Scottish Governement and locally administered by Forth Environment Link. 

Soon there will be opportunities for people to volunteer in these activities and help in the realisation of our ‘Big Idea’, so watch this space!

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Balsam Pulling
Balquhidderock, Bluebell Woods Bannockburn
May 2024

Work started today at Balquhidderock Wood and great progress was made.


The Balsam is quaking in its roots! But it's a massive task. We need your help on future dates.

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Balsam Pulling
Balquhidderock, Bluebell Woods Bannockburn
May and June 2024

Himalayan Balsam is an invasive non-native plant species which shades out and crowds out many native plants.

TreeLink Stirling has been given permission by NatureScot to work to remove Himalayan Balsam from Balquhidderock Wood (Bluebellwood).

Over the coming months our volunteers will be pulling the balsam plants out of the ground before they are able to shed seed.

Tuesday 21st May, 10am – 1pm

Saturday 25th May, 10am – 1pm

Tuesday 4th June, 10am – 1pm

Tuesday 11th June, 10am – 1pm

Saturday 6th July, 10am – 1pm

Tuesday 9th July, 10am – 1pm

This woodland is very special, and we want to keep it that way. If you’d like to help, we will be working here on:

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Walking The Route
Guided Walks
May and June 2024

Enjoy a series of guided walks around the different sections of our Crown of Trees.    The walks will be led by TreeLink Trustee Max.

We aim to share a bit about each area, our plans for the path and hope to hear your thoughts and ideas on our flagship project.

Thurs 23rd May - Muirton to Whins of Milton - 5.8km
Tues 28th May - Whims of Milton to Cambusbarron 5.0km

Thurs 30th May - Cambusbarron to Raploch - 5.3kn

Tues 4th June - Raploch to Old Stirling Brig - 7.2km

Wed 12th June - Old Stirling Brig to Riverside - 5.1km

Tues 18th June - Riverside to Muirton - 6.5km

The paths are in in variable conditions so please ensure you have suitable footwear. Bring refreshments and dress for the weather.


We look forward to seeing you.

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Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh
April and May 2024

Many volunteers have turned out over a series of dates to care for the trees recently planted trees at Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh.  trees give them the best chance to thrive. 

Mulching is adding a layer of material, in this case bark, to the surface of soil. We apply mulch to conserve soil moisture, improving fertility and health of the soil, reducing weed growth, and enhancing the visual appeal of the area.

You can join in too and give the 3000 trees planted the best chance to thrive.

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Tree Planting
Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh
23rd March 2024

TreeLink held a community tree planting event to expand on the previously planted trees at the Rugby Club.


On the  23rd March 2024 approximately 340 Woodland Trust ‘free trees’ and about 350 trees from the TreeLink Nursery were planted - a mix Elder, rowan, oak, blackthorn, hawthorn, willow, birch, dog rose, a couple holly, a couple horse chestnut and probably more varieties!

Thank you to everyone who volunteered, it was a great session with 26 volunteers in total including volunteers from the rugby club. 

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Tree Planting
Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh
27th February 2024

Over two sessions 37 trees have been planted or given some tlc at the entrance to the Rugby Club.  A lovely mix of rowan, field maple, hawthorn and crap apple are a great addition to the space.

Crown of Trees Logo.png
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Tree Planting
Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh
February 2024

TreeLink was delighted that funding from the Stirling Council's Nature Restoration Fund (SCNRF) allowed the Forth Rivers Trust to contribute to the project at Bridgehaugh.   In February '24 Stirling Council planted 1500 trees along the river bordering Stirling Rugby Club on behalf of the Forth Rivers Trust. 

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Breaking Ground
Stirling Rugby Club, Bridgehaugh

27th January 2024

TreeLink was delighted to 'break the ground' and start planting along the Crown of Trees with an event in partnership with the Stirling Rugby Club and TCV.  A mixture of native trees were planted between the allotments the rugby fields.

Over 31volunteers, including a further seven children were rewarded with wonderful weather as they planted approx. 600-700 trees creating a 175m hedge. A fantastic event all round!

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Crown of Trees Logo.png

TreeLink was delighted to be awarded funding from Forth Environment Link's Climate Hub.

This has allowed us to buy a projector to ensure that we can present and promote the Crown of Trees professionally and effectively when attending meetings, create a brand for the crown of trees, including a wonderful new logo and a feather flag for promoting our activities on site during events.

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