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Speaking Up

Whether we're talking about changes that need to be made with our councillors or remembering a favourite moment in nature - we love talking about trees 

Speaking Up for Trees & Woodlands

TreeLink Stirling uses every opportunity available to advocate for trees and woodlands by, for example, responding to local government policy consultations.  It is also encouraging Stirling Council to develop an up to date Tree & Woodland policy.  

If you are interested in policy development or translating environmental policy into action,  please get in touch with us at

Stirling Council is undertaking a consultation for the redevelopment of the Forthside area in Riverside.  The plans involve the wooded area known as the Old Harbour Woods and is of environmental and historic importance to the city.  It is also on the Crown of Trees route.  You can see the full proposal here.

TreeLink will be speaking up for the trees and will be commenting on the planning proposal.
TreeLink is concerned by the announcement made in December regarding budget cuts which propose to cut the budget 41%, from £77.2m to £45.4m. This will greatly effect the Scottish Governments commitment to increase tree-planting, with only half of the planned trees being planted in 2024.  

TreeLink will be speaking up for the trees by writing to the relevant politicians with our concerns.
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