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Our Sponsors

Vivisol Home Services is the sole sponsor of TreeLink Stirling's "Free Trees for Babies" scheme. The company has supported the project which has seen around 100 families in the Stirling area receive a tree to commemorate the birth of a child, a grandchild or the passing of a child. 

TreeLink is happy to acknowledge a grant from the Artemis Charitable Foundation. The foundation supports ‘core’ charities in the UK and internationally in the areas of health, poverty, education and the environment and also makes donations to global disasters and emergencies when they occur.

TreeLink is grateful for the support it received from Waitrose Community Matters. The funds were used to increase canopy cover in the Stirling area.

TreeLink's Magic Little Grant was used in support of our tree nursery. Thanks to the grant we were able to secure our site by fencing an area prone to depredation by rabbits. 

TCV helped TreeLink to purchase tools and equipment to help with our woodland management projects. These included hammers, saws and protective clothing.  

Stirling Council has supported TreeLink in many of it's wider aims and has been a valuable partner in specific areas. We are also  grateful for support from the Council's Community fund to help us with our goal to increase biodiversity in the area

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